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3 Best Strategies for Startups How to Collaborate with Established Companies

Discover how to plan and execute successful networking strategies

June 10, 2021 at 3 PM CET

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Here’s what you will learn in this live workshop:

  • Proven business growth plan
    How to plan and execute business growth through strategic collaboration projects.
  • Making a mindset shift
    What is the essence of successful networking and how can you apply it to build sustainable business relationships and get to the decision makers in the industry.
  • Key mistakes to avoid
    Mistakes to avoid when networking to really build sustainable and functioning win-win business relationships.

This workshop is for you if you are CEO, founder or Business Development Manager of a tech startup who:

  • Wants to build sustainable professional networks and to grow your business
  • Wants to create long-term win-win collaborations with established global players  

Hi, I’m Ludmilla Derr

Connecting great tech startups with the important decision makers from the corporate world and watching whole new business sectors emerge and the startups grow through these connections is something that makes me extremely happy and motivates me. Connecting people with each other is something I've been doing since I was a kid. No kidding! And for the past few years, I've been doing it as Managing Director at Elite Experts Conferences.  I became familiar with the automotive world through my work in R&D at Sika Technology, where I was responsible for R&D projects worldwide for the customers BMW Group and Fiat Chrysler Group in adhesive technologies in automotive trim applications. My study background is a diploma degree in chemistry, a PhD in materials sciences and further studies in event management and marketing.

If you want to learn how to shape and sustain successful business networks and you are serious about building long-term collaborations with established global players then this is the right workshop for you.

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